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Welcome to Arcade Reviews

LATEST REVIEW ADDED:  Rainbow Islands (on 14/12/2000)                                               There are a total of 48 reviews available.

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Latest News as of 9/10/2000

Afterburner 2 emulator released
WinSTon v. 0.4. released
Power Drift is now an emulated game!
JoseQ's Emuviews joins "our friends"
October additions at Emulation Status
Home Arcade: a place to get ROMs
Top unemulated games
1.  Daytona USA
2.  Scud Race
3.  Jurassic Park: Lost World
Hot downloads
1.  Final Burn v.0007
2.  Magic Engine
3.  WinSTon 0.4
Latest Arcade Images
1.  Gyrodine
2.  Tank
3.  Ordyne

Unemulated games

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