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October additions at Emulation Status

Lots of new items and this top site. 

One of our friends, Warlock of Emulation Status, has updated his site with the following:

New Game Entries

Athlete, The / Dai Undokai
Battle Gear 2
Bega's Battle
Ben Bero Beh
Birdie King 3
Buck Rogers - Planet Of Zoom
Change Lanes
Cliff Hanger
Crazy Climber
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z 2
Interstellar Laser Fantasy
Jump Coaster
Kabuki Z
Line Of Fire
Looney Tunes
Ninja Kid / Ninja Kun
Psychic Force 2012
Psychic Force EX
Rumba Lumber
Satan Of Saturn / Zarzon
Space-Battleship Yamato
Space Cruiser
Super Puzzle Bobble
Turn It Around


Darius Gaiden
Elevator Action Returns
Operation Wolf 3
Psychic Force
Special Criminal Investigation
Who Shot Johnny Rock

Special Criminal Investigation

I've created a page devoted to my favourite arcade game












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