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Home Computer Emulators




The following Home Computer Emulators are available to be downloaded:






Speccyal v.0.72b 153k Sinclair Spectrum emulator (Windows)
Winspec 32 bit v.1.44b 826k Sinclair Spectrum emulator (windows)


X128 v.0.93 166k Sinclair Spectrum emulator (Dos)
WinUae v.0.88r8 644k Commodore Amiga Emulator (Windows)
Uae (Dos) v.0.7.5d 613k Commodore Amiga emulator (Dos)
Ccs64 v.2.0 beta 275k Commodore 64 emulator (Windows)
Stonx v.0.42b 444k Atari ST emulator
Tos box v.1.09 178k Atari ST emulator
Winston v.0.2r2 176k Atari ST emulator



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