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Arcade (Multiple Games) Emulators




The following Arcade (Multiple Games) Emulators are available to be downloaded:






Callus v.0.42

324k Capcom arcade games emulator 

Callus v.0.42 (Direct X)

199k Direct X port of Callus

Callus (Qsound player)

43k Stand alone sound player

Callus (Patched version)




Adds support for 75 more games for Callus
Cinematronics Emulator v.1.1 52k Cinetronics vector games emulator
The Cinematronics Emulator 389k Cinetronics vector games emulator
E++ v.1.03 281K Arcade games and  Spectrum home computer emulator
Emu v.2.3 178k Arcade games emulator
EmuDX (follow the link for the EmuDX homepage) Varies depending upon version chosen


Arcade games emulator with enhanced graphics.
Gal Emu v.0.40.9 (DOS) 258k


Emulator of games using the Galaxian hardware 
Gal Emu v.0.40.9 (Win) 307k


Gal Emu for Windows
Hive v. 1.04 246k


High velocity arcade games emulator
Impact r.1 176k Capcom 3D games emulator
Jas: j'rok's arcade simulator v.1.01 169k


Arcade games emulator


Jas: j'rok's Namco System 1 emulator v.1.2 beta 159k


Namco System 1 arcade games emulator
Juno First emulator v.1.23 147k


Arcade games emulator

Just For Fun emulator v.0.24



Arcade games emulator

Kem: The Killer Emulator v.1.1

553k Arcade games emulator

M72 v.0.33b

199k Irem arcade games emulator

Mage/x v.0.80

275k Arcade games emulator

(follow the link for the MAME download page)

Varies depending upon version chosen The largest arcade games emulator: over 2000 games!

Mapefer 3 v.0.80b

144k Ghosts n' goblins/ Diamond Run emulator

MGE v.0.471

168k Multi Gauntlet Emulator
NEOrageX v.0.6b 329k Neo Geo arcade games emulator

Pasemulator v.0.22

212k Arcade games emulator

Raine v.0.28f

885k Arcade games emulator

Replay Plus v.1.0

929k Arcade games emulator
Retrovaders v.1.02 291k Arcade games emulator
Shark v.3.1f 243k Flying Shark and other arcade games emulator
Sideway v.0.21 205k Midway black and white games emulator

Slomo v.0.24



Arcade games emulator
Sparcade v.2.33b 222k Arcade games emulator
System 8 v.0.61b 26k System 8 arcade games emulator
System 16 (Direct X) v.0.80 264k System 16 arcade games emulator : (System 16 DOS required to operate)
System 16 (DOS) v.0.82 362k System 16 (DOS) arcade games emulator
XDragon v.0.30 275k Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja and other arcade games emulator


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