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Snes 9x v.1.31 released

Snes Emulator for windows has many new improvements over previous version 

The list of changes is as follows:

Snes9x DirectSound code modified - the mixing block size is now always 10ms
for Windows 95/98/2000 and 20ms for NT 4.x, now there should be no need to
enable Sync Sound when a large sound buffer is required (helps emulation
speed). The maximum sound buffer length values have been updated to reflect
the smaller mixing block size.

Changed the DirectSound code back to use an offset from the play position
as the place to write new sample data into the sound buffer - on NT 4.x the
write position seems to vary randomly rather than being a fixed distance
infront of the play postion as documented. Now I know why I used the play
position originally!

Changed the DirectSound code to fill the sound buffer at the write position
supplied by DirectSound, rather than just before the current play position -
should help reduce latency.

Added an auto-detect method for interleaved mode 2 Super FX ROM images -
well, not really auto-detect: if the game crashes and its a Super FX game,
Snes9x assumes its in interleaved mode 2, demangles the ROM image and tries
to run the game again.

Had to update the Snes9x Windows registry version number as the additional
diagonal settings make old registery settings incompatible.

Added diagonal keyboard controls to the Windows port, as requested by
several users.

Changed PPU code to return zero when reading non-existent registers - the
game Equinox relies on this due to an original game coding bug.

Included FMOD sound driver support to Windows port - people experiencing
broken sound or delayed sound, etc, might want to give it a try.

Tales of Phantasia - un-interleaved format ROM memory map changes to match
odd ZSNES format, now the hacked ROM works.

Changed NMI again. Made reading or writing to PPU register 0x4210
clear NMI pending flag again, without this Super Tennis does not work.

Changed NMI timing back to be the same as several versions ago and just
special cased Cacoma Knight instead - although kept the code to prevent
the re-triggering of an NNI more than once in the same frame.







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