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ZS6 v.1.38 released

Latest version of the Atari 2600 emulator shows improved speed and compatibility 

The list of changes is as follows:

Paddle games can now be played with a mouse or a PC trackball.

Trackball emulation which allows joystick games to be played with amouse or PC trackball.

Lightgun support via the mouse or PC trackball (Sentinel, ShootingGallery).

Some mouse support in the GUI. You can point and click to launch a game.

Canyon Bomber and Backgammon are now treated as paddle games.

Support for Megaboy cart.

Support for overriding the bankswitching scheme for ROM images thatz26 doesn't support automatically. Use the -g command line switch.

There are some new features of particular interest to game developersincluding a scanline counter (-n) and the ability to emulate the PALcolor changes (-o) which occur when a PAL game has the wrong number ofscanlines.

We also made some changes to, and added documentation for trace modewhich can help developers debug their games.






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